Progress Report #3: 15/09/2017

No Hidden Extras

Page Count: 62

Target: 7-10 pages

What a difference a week makes. After the unbridled creative surge last week, and the pleasant extras which bolstered the mood, this week felt like I was in a boxing match with my arms tied behind my back.

I’ll keep it brief.

It started slow, but that was expected. A family wedding saw Friday, Saturday and Sunday written off, which I was fine about. It happens, and I was confident I’d get the pages down through the week. Then a heavy cold started settling in on Sunday evening, which resulted in me hitting the sack at around 8:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to recoup my energy. This wiped out my key writing hours – my only writing hours. A short and dribbly stint on Monday saw one measly page written, and that was a struggle. This meant that as of Thursday evening that’s all I had. One page in a whole week.


Thankfully, the phlegmy clouds dissipated on Thursday and I could breathe, think, and write again. With 85% of my target to hit in one evening, I cancelled my weekly script meeting with Ian and hit the desk. Thanks to our efforts last week, I knew what had to be written. The issue was that I didn’t think it was doable. Six pages in a few hours to hit my target, with childcare and a few small errands thrown in for good measure? Ambitious, to say the least.

But I did it. The scenes flowed, I hit a rhythm and just before midnight on Thursday I hit page 62 comfortably. It felt good. Even better because I know the next scene is a biggie which could push us past 65 over the weekend.

Somewhere amid the chaos, there was some festival news regarding the short. I can’t recall from memory what that news was. I’ll catch up on things over the weekend. All I care about right now is the target, and I hit it.

The Stageplay

As you may have guessed, there hasn’t been any progress on this front since last week whatsoever. Not a play read, nor my project pondered over. I couldn’t even make it to the dress rehearsal of We’re Still Here down Port Talbot this evening, which isn’t great. I really wanted to go, and not because of any selfish networking reasons. I need to feel what makes a good, contemporary stageplay click. There’s still The Cherry Orchard in October though, so not all is lost.


This week has been instructive. Obstacles have been overcome, sacrifices made, and priorities have been focused on to achieve my goals. Sacrifices can be difficult to stomach, but they are often necessary in order to reach a target, both in the short- and long-term. What’s more, the target was reached because I capitalised on what little time I had available. There was no room for waste, which has taught me to use the time I have during periods of good health more efficiently. It can vanish all too quickly.

I’m glad  the 7 pages have been written, and because they have I’m more confident that on a good week I could (and should) hit a higher target. I plan to up that by this time next week, and maybe fit in a little more here and there. It’s certainly possible.

I’m reminded of a blog post of mine from a while back, and one phrase in particular. If you want to fell a tree…




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